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KRA raises concerns over weapons and pornographic materials scanned at JKIA

The unrestricted admission of forbidden and restricted goods, including firearms and pornographic content, into the nation has alarmed the Kenya Revenue Authority.

The agency said in a statement on Tuesday that the tendency has become more widespread over the past three months and that 5% of luggage examined at entry points have been identified for such substances.

The KRA also noted that drugs, drones, and expensive cell phones were being identified during the scanning phase.

KRA released a statement following the discovery of multiple illicit items, including sex toys, by the Tourism Cabinet Secretary while leading a media tour of the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

Moving ahead, entry into the nation will require travelers to declare some goods that are prohibited.

The Authority insisted that it would keep watching to make sure that no illegal material entered the nation.

During the fiscal year 2023–2023 July–October, following the non-intrusive scanning of every bag, KRA, on average, identified 5% of the scanned bags that were processed in compliance with relevant Customs requirements on passenger categorization.

Humphrey Wattanga, Commissioner General of the KRA, stated that the tax collector will keep using technology to make sure that the forbidden substance does not enter the nation.

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