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KUCCPS Opens KMTC Courses Intake – September 2023; Apply

KUCCPS Opens KMTC Courses Intake – September 2023; Apply

Are you passionate about pursuing a rewarding career in the health sciences? Look no further!

The Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) is thrilled to announce that applications for their comprehensive list of courses are now open on the KUCCPS portal at

This exciting opportunity allows prospective students to explore a diverse array of programs tailored to the ever-evolving field of health sciences.

With the application deadline for the September 2023 intake set for August 4, 2023, there’s no time to waste!

Whether you dream of becoming a skilled medical engineer, an expert in health records and information technology, or a compassionate nurse providing top-notch care, KMTC has a course to match your aspirations.

Spread the word to your friends, family, and peers, and take the first step towards an enriching and fulfilling career in the healthcare industry. Let’s dive into the wealth of available courses offered by KMTC!

Available Health Sciences & Related Courses:

  1. Certificate in Medical Engineering
  2. Certificate in Health Records and Information Technology
  3. Certificate in Orthopedic Trauma Medicine
  4. Certificate in Community Health Assistant
  5. Certificate in Nutrition & Dietetics
  6. Diploma in Radiography & Imaging
  7. Diploma in Medical Engineering
  8. Certificate in Medical Emergency Technician
  9. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences
  10. Diploma in Public Health
  11. Diploma in Health Counselling
  12. Certificate in Public Health
  13. Certificate in Kenya Enrolled Community Health Nursing
  14. Diploma in Physiotherapy
  15. Diploma in Community Health
  16. Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics
  17. Diploma in Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing
  18. Diploma in Medical Social Work
  19. Diploma in Health Records and Information Technology
  20. Diploma in Orthopedic & Trauma Medicine
  21. Diploma in Pharmacy
  22. Diploma in Occupational Therapy
  23. Diploma in Kenya Registered Nursing & Midwifery
  24. Diploma in Community Oral Health
  25. Diploma in Optometry
  26. Diploma in Orthopedic Technology
  27. Diploma in Dental Technology
  28. Diploma in Emergency Medical Technician (New)
  29. Diploma in Speech and Language Therapy
  30. Diploma in Kenya Registered Nursing, Mental Health & Psychiatry

KUCCPS Opens KMTC Courses Intake – September 2023; Apply

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