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Kuria Responds To Uhuru After He Criticized Ruto’s Government

Moses Kuria, the cabinet secretary for public services, reacted to Uhuru Kenyatta’s criticism of the current administration on Sunday.

While in Mwingi, Kitui County, for a church fundraiser, Mr. Kenyatta chastised William Ruto, his successor, for holding him accountable for the shortcomings of his government and the country’s weak economy.

“I don’t want to talk about much. not out of fear but I got over my fear. We’ve received a lot of information and threats. “Oh!” is a common response to failure. The former administration,” Uhuru addressed the assembly.

The former president said, “Tomorrow when women fail to give birth, they will say ‘You know Uhuru did it,'” while pleading with the assembly to stop negative politics. I’m not sure, but I’m accustomed to it.

CS Kuria advised Kenyatta to keep quiet and allow the current government to handle what he called “cleaning up the mess the previous administration left behind” in a post that was shared on X, the former Twitter.

The extent of the chaos you left behind is becoming more and more apparent to us every day. We have no grievances. We’ll keep tidying up the mess. When you are quiet, we can proceed. Better, wrote Kuria.

“As you have frequently told your friends, you believed that the economy would collapse by December 2023. You are all over again now that it is evident that we have successfully navigated your murky waters.

Adding to his greetings to Kenyatta as “Mr President Emeritus,” Kuria wrote, “If you have a problem with Kimani Ichungwa’s State Capture Bill, call him directly or visit him in Gikambura.” Kuria addressed the majority leader of the National Assembly, Kimani Ichung’wah, directly.

The CS went on to accuse Kenyatta of criticizing the administration because, following Ruto’s victory in the 2022 presidential contest, he was unable to secure the support of Raila Odinga, the leader of Azimio La Umoja, as his preferred successor.

“You are upset that Raila declined your request to incite violence. After lying to him and promising to make him president, you dismissed all of your senior campaign managers. You misled the elderly man. You now wish to control him once more by claiming that you intend to remain in Azimio. “Mjinga akierevuka..,” he said, wishing Kenyatta a joyous Sunday.

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