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Ledama Proposes That Impeached Gorveners Should Go With Their Deputies

Ledama Olekina, a senator from Narok, has considered the impeachment of governors.

The lawmaker said in a statement on Friday that a governor who is impeached ought to be sent home with his deputy.

Ledama clarified that since a governor and deputy are chosen together, all of them should be removed from office if one is impeached.

According to Article 180(2) of the constitution, the office of the governor may only become vacant if the incumbent passes away, resigns in writing to the speaker of the county assembly, or is no longer eligible to serve as county governor.

In addition, a vacancy may arise if the Governor is removed from office in accordance with this Constitution or is found guilty of a crime that carries a minimum twelve-month jail sentence.

According to the constitution, in the event of a vacancy in the county governor’s position, the deputy county governor will fill in as county governor for the balance of the governor’s term.

Kawira Mwangaza, the governor of Meru, is currently scheduled to be impeached by the fourth Senate.

She will be impeached twice because the Senate reversed the process in December of last year, giving her a second opportunity.

The Senate will decide whether to hold a special committee or the entire house hearing on the governor’s impeachment, as stipulated by the County Government Act.

Intense discussions about the impeachment of governors tested the limits of the third Senate.

Five motions for impeachment were discussed by the House.

A Special Committee looked into three impeachment procedures: the one involving former Taita Taveta governor Granton Samboja in 2019, Anne Waiguru (Kirinyaga) in 2020, and Mohamed Abdi Mohamud of Wajir in 2021.

However, the impeachment of Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko (2020) and Kiambu Governor Ferdinand (2020) were discussed in plenary.

The impeachment of Samboja and Waiguru was overturned by the Senate, and Mohamud, Sonko, and Waititu were returned home.

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