List and Contacts Of Best Tax Consultants In Kenya

List and Contacts Of Best Tax Consultants In Kenya

List and Contacts Of Best Tax Consultants In Kenya

This is a list of Kenya’s top tax consultants.

Tax consultants provide a wide range of tax-related services, including tax preparation, tax planning, tax obligation registration, and general tax advice.

The following is a list of the top tax consultants in Kenya.

1. Taxplan Consulting Limited

Taxplan Consulting Limited was founded in 2005 to provide tax consultancy and advice services, as well as finance, accounting, training, and forensic investigations consultant.

Location: Machera Court, Suite D3, Kilimani.

Contacts: 0721 587 039, 0733 587 039.


2. MGK Consulting

MGK Consulting is a well-known organization that assists you in managing your taxes by advising on tax-efficient business practices, maintaining compliance, and keeping you up to date on new tax developments.

Contacts: 0715 248 882, 0733 533 449.


3. Ronalds LLP

Tax-related services provided by the firm include annual tax compliance, tax health checks, tax planning, international taxation, VAT auditing, and tax training.

Contacts: 0717 558 212, 0720 131 650.


4. Taxwise Africa Consulting LLP

It is an independent tax advising and consultancy organization founded in 2012 with the goal of offering high-end tax advisory services to both domestic and foreign clients.

Location: Ewaso Ngiro Road, Off Kabarsiran Avenue, Nairobi.

Contact: +254 20 202 5320.


5. Dennykins Associates

Dennykins Associates is an authorized KRA tax agent with years of tax counseling and consultancy experience.

Location: Windsor House, Rm 307, University Way, Nairobi.

Contact: 0792 960 707.

6. Bon & Drew Associates

It is a consulting organization that offers a broad range of professional services such as tax advice, financial management, business consulting, management consulting, and accounting.

Contact: 0720 727 675.


7. Anziano Consultants

For individuals, businesses, and organizations, the firm provides services such as tax obligation registration, tax filing, tax planning, and tax payment.

Contact: 0706 600 875.


8. RSM Consulting Limited

Location: 1st Floor, Pacis Centre, Slip Road, Off Waiyaki Way, Westlands.

Contacts: +254 020 361 4000, +254 020 445 1747/8/9.


9. Hisibati Consulting

Hisibati Consulting offers tax, business advisory and business technology solutions.

Contact: 0721 949 580.

10. PK Tax Consultants

PK Consultants are registered tax agents who provide a wide range of tax services including tax filing, tax appeal, and tax advisory.

Office Location: Summit House, Moi Avenue, Nairobi.

Contact: 0796 577 694.



List and Contacts Of Best Tax Consultants In Kenya


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