Lobby Group Wants 129 Sacked Teachers Reinstated

teachers headquarters

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) was under pressure on Sunday to reinstate the 129 teachers it had suspended for requesting transfers from the North Eastern region, according to the Kenya National Civil Society Center (KNCSC).

KNCSC Executive Director Suba Churchill suggested in a statement that rather than imposing restrictions on the teachers, TSC should work with the Ministries of Education and Interior to implement situation-specific guidelines and safeguards that will ensure security in the impacted areas in order to enhance North Eastern security.

Churchill emphasized that the TSC was infringing the teachers’ rights as Kenyan citizens and compromising their right to security under Article 29 of the Constitution, even as he described the interdiction as callous and insensitive.

Suba claims that the decision to fire the teachers was poorly thought out, particularly in light of the fact that both the TSC and the national government are aware of the security risks that the educators in North Eastern are subject to while performing their jobs.

Churchill emphasized that the committee should not exploit the instructors by placing them in dangerous locations and failing to consider their well-being.

Politicians around the nation are debating whether or not the TSC should retract the letters it delivered to the victims in response to the instructors’ interdiction.

Reinstatement of the teachers has been called for by Tinderet MP Julius Melly, who also serves as the Chairperson of the National Assembly of Education Committee.

The instructors protested TSC’s decision to fire them by taking to the streets on Monday of last week. However, cops chased them away and used tear gas on them.

The TSC saw the teachers’ refusal to report to the several North Eastern schools to which they had been posted as an act of open disobedience, which is what led to the interdiction.

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