Maina Njenga says that Kenya leaders made mistake folding parties to join UDA

Maina Njenga

Maina Njenga, a former leader of Mungiki, stated that the Mt. Kenya Region erred in joining the UDA to form a government in the absence of a separate political party.

Njenga brought up the fact that other regions, such Nyanza, the Rift Valley, and Eastern, have parties led by Raila Odinga, William Ruto, and Kalonzo Musyoka, respectively, and that these regions are united in their political views during his Monday morning interview on Milele FM.

He pointed out, however, that there isn’t a strong party in the Mt. Kenya Region.

When asked how Jubilee fared as a Mount Kenya Party, Njenga replied that the organization was lacking strength and that they were searching for a more potent one.

In response to a query on how he draws big audiences in the area, he said that the area has a “loud voice” and that over 80% of people are listening to him.

Maina Njenga has been watching the political scene on a keen notice especially with the rivalry going on between Moses Kuria and DP Gachagua.

He is seen like the man wanting to take the mantle of mt Kenya leadership form fromer president Uhuru Kenyatta especially after lining up with the opposition.


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