Maisha Namba registration drive to begin next week


The projected Maisha Namba digital ID would begin accepting registration in Nakuru County on Monday of the following week, according to the government’s announcement.

Principal Secretary Julius Bitok of the State Department for Immigration and Citizen Services highlighted that the concept is not wholly novel but rather an improvement on prior endeavors during a media breakfast on Thursday morning.

The birth certificate, Maisha card, driver’s license, and even a death certificate will all contain the 14-digit Unique Personal Identifier (UPI) known as Maisha Namba, which will be given to newborns.

PS Bitok compared the Maisha Namba to the US citizens’ and residents’ Social Security numbers.

He said that lessons had been learned from earlier attempts that had been similar and that they thought they had succeeded this time.

In response to inquiries about how much the procedure would cost the taxpayer, Bitok reaffirmed that they would not be asking the Treasury for more monies but rather would use the existing budget as is to pay for the procedure.

The State Department, under the direction of the PS, has been hosting public participation events and sensitization activities with a range of stakeholders, including media, private sector, civil society organizations, and religious leaders.

The PS has assured the general public that Maisha Namba complies with all the legal regulations and rules pertaining to data protection.

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