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Makini School Sued for Expelling PTA Chairperson’s Children

Makini School Sued for Expelling PTA Chairperson’s Children

The Makini School Junior Academy has been taken to court for allegedly expelling two pupils due to their father’s activities as the institution’s Parents Teachers Association (PTA) Chair.

Respondents in the case include the school’s principal Catherine Njuguna, regional managing director Horace Mpanza, and operations manager Gary Wagner.

The minors allege, through their mother, that Ms. Njuguna removed them from class on July 7, 2023, delivered them termination letters, and then instructed them to wait for their parents at the pickup shade.

The minors’ lawyer, Apollo Mboya, argues that their right to education has been violated because the third and fourth grade terms have begun and they are in peril of missing classes.

The Parents/Teachers Association, in a communication dated 5th July 2023 through their attorney of record, raised several issues regarding the welfare of the pupils in the school, which includes high turnover of teachers through dismissal, general aggressive behavior of [the] Regional Managing Director, visibly carrying firearm within the school compound, smoking within the educational facility in the presence of learners, and erection of structure as a Smoking Zone within the school compound.

“The Parents/ Teachers Association issued a notice dated 16th June 2023 calling for the Annual General Meeting on 8th July 2023 as required by paragraph 8 of the Constitution of Makini School Parents/ Teachers Association which was circulated by Makini School to transact on its business including emerging issues raised by the Parents/ Teachers Association in the letter dated 5th July 2023.”

The advocate also claims the two expelled minors are top pupils in their respective classes with no disciplinary issues, and that they have been subjected to unfair treatment as a result of their expulsion.

Mboya characterized the expulsion of the minors as “precipitate, hasty, petty, malicious, capricious, draconian, and discriminatory,” noting that it triggered “emotional distress and anguish” for both the minors and their parents.

In her accompanying affidavit, the mother of the minors, Dena Atieno, told the court that she routinely pays their school fees and that their records are updated.

She then linked their expulsion to the activities of her husband, who was elected 2019 PTA Chair.

Ms. Atieno also accused Mr. Wagner of circulating an erroneous letter purporting to cancel the PTA Annual General Meeting scheduled for the next day on July 7th.

Lady Justice Mugure Thande of the Milimani High Court ordered that the Respondents be served and submit their responses by July 17, 2023.

Judge Thande subsequently scheduled the case for mention on July 18, 2023.

Makini School Sued for Expelling PTA Chairperson’s Children

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