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Man arrested for threatening to kill mother-in-law

A man is accused of threatening to kill in violation of section 223 of the Penal Code after reportedly making death threats against his mother-in-law during a fight at her home.

Kennedy Ochieng is charged with making death threats against Mercy Murugi on November 2 at her Njiru home.

Without providing a valid reason, Ochieng is alleged to have threatened his mother-in-law with death by saying, “wewe nitakuua na msichana wako (I will kill you and your daughter)”; the Office of the Public Prosecutions and the police regard these statements to constitute threats against Ms. Murugi.

When Ms. Murugi got home, she discovered her son-in-law and her husband fighting, so she decided to step in.

But when she asked him what he was doing in the house, the suspect allegedly insulted her and hauled her out.

Ochieng is accused of insulting the complainant and her daughter further, claiming he was unafraid of the police and threatening to murder them.

Although the suspect and his wife had already divorced, Ochieng had been attributing his marital problems to his mother-in-law.

After Ms. Murugi reported the incident to the authorities, officers went to the house with her the next day, and on November 4, 2023, the suspect was taken to jail.

Police discovered throughout their investigations that Ochieng had made multiple threats to harm his mother-in-law and wife before to the occurrence.

In front of Senior Principal Magistrate Helen Okwani of the Makadara Law Courts, Ochieng refuted the allegations.

He was freed without the possibility of posting monetary bail on a Sh100,000 bond.

Before the hearing begins on April 23 of the next year, the case will be discussed on January 23.

Along with the investigating officer, Ms. Murugi’s two close neighbors who also witnessed the occurrence are named as witnesses in the prosecution against her son-in-law.

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