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Man stoned by mob after stabbing girlfriend 7 times

An enraged crowd attacked a middle-aged guy on Thursday after it was alleged that he killed his girlfriend due to cheating allegations.

After paying her a visit, other students at Kisii National Polytechnic discovered Lucy, a first-year student, dead inside her home.

The visiting students discovered her death lying in a pool of blood on her bed at her Kisii home. They informed the public, who subsequently went for the boyfriend.

Witnesses reported finding knife wounds on the deceased’s lower abdomen and chest.

The girl was reportedly stabbed roughly seven times.

The boyfriend drove all the way from Kuria to the girl’s home in Kisii after he supposedly received a tip that his girlfriend was having an affair.

The boyfriend was a young man who worked for a local company and had a business in Kisii.

Before the cops arrived to save his life, the lover who had tried to flee was cornered and physically assaulted.

According to reports, Kuria in Migori County is the hometown of both the deceased and the boyfriend.

The infant, who is now nine months old, lost her mother when the deceased woman passed away.

Police have subsequently taken the young man who attacked her into custody, and an investigation is being conducted.

According to the police, the woman was 22 years old.

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