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Ministry of Education on the Spot for Failing to Pay Publishers 1.39B

According to a new document, the Ministry of Education owes multiple publishers Sh1.39 billion for grade seven and 2023 set books.

Sh847.3 million is owed to publishers who supplied grade seven books and Sh543.1 million is payable to publishers who supplied 2023 set books out of the Sh1.39 billion.

However, according to a document submitted to the National Assembly by Ministry of Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu (pictured), the government has provided adequate funds to cover all pending payments owed to publishers and are paid once they provide delivery notes and are verified by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD).

Machogu explained in his brief to the MPs that the Ministry of Education, through KICD, provided textbooks to all learners in public schools on a one book per learner, per subject basis, and that parents were only required to provide exercise books, pens, rulers, mathematical sets, and any other materials to enable learners to participate in classrooms as agreed with teachers.

According to Machogu, textbooks for grade four were sent to schools in 2020, those for grade five in 2021, those for grade six in 2022, those for grade seven this year, and those for grade eight are still being distributed.

The Kenya Literature Bureau (KLB) is owed Sh19.69 million, the East African Educational Publishers (EAEP) is owed Sh141.77 million, Oxford publishers are owed Sh139.3 million, Moran publishers are owed Sh11 million, Longhorn publishers are owed Sh130.56 million, Jomo Kenyatta Foundation (JKF) publishers are owed Sh252.4 million, and Mountain Top publishers are owed Sh171.77 million, according to the document.

Other publishers include Story Moja Sh9.9 million, Spotlight Sh135.9 million, Access Sh43.7 million, Queenex Sh99.2 million, and Kenya Institute of the Blind (KIB) Sh35.3 million.

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