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Ministry of Education says it has not changed the school closing day

As claimed by several sites, the Ministry of Education has not altered the third-term closure dates.

Pre-primary, primary, and secondary schools will operate as scheduled during the holiday, according to Kennedy Buhere, the Ministry of education’s communications officer, who spoke with the Star via phone.

The school calendar had not been altered, he said, and all announcements came from the Ministry of Education and its official social media accounts.

Buhere was addressing Education News Arena’s assertion that the government has reassessed the October 19 deadline.

The Ministry of Education revised the 2023 academic year’s timetable in January, increasing the length of the national test.

This indicates that the exam will last four days, as indicated by the original calendar.

The KCSE exams for Form 4 candidates will be administered from November 3 to November 24, lasting a total of 21 days.

The first term will last for 13 weeks, the second for 14 weeks, and the third for the fewest number of weeks—10 weeks.

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