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Minors who allegedly threatened to beat their father arrested

A class 8 candidate’s mother and the grandmother of a grade 4 student have urged the government to act quickly to secure the release of the children from police custody.

The father allegedly abused the children in school before they were taken into custody by the police and held in Temoyota police station cells for three days.

According to reports, the father reported them to the police, claiming that they were out to get him and another woman who shared a home with the two children’s father.

After their parents divorced, the boys had been live with their grandmother.

The mother, grandmother, and village elder of the two children spoke up in Baringo Valley, Kuresoi North sub-county, defending the kids and saying they haven’t been involved in any indiscipline instances.

According to the grandma, the father frog matched them to the police station and canned them at the school.

The village elder sought their release after accusing the police of holding the kids and keeping them at a police station alongside the elderly.

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