Moses Kuria throws shade at Gachagua, calls him fake king

moses kuria and gachagua

Moses Kuria, the cabinet secretary for public services, made fun of deputy president Rigathi Gachagua on Friday, despite persistent reports that the two have been at odds over their leadership rivalry on Mount Kenya.

Kuria retaliated against the Deputy President in a statement, this time using King Charles III’s recent visit to the nation as justification for a jab at Gachagua.

Kuria remarked, “Sasa venye King amerudi kwao, fake Kingpins you can take over.”

CS Kuria has frequently held the Deputy President responsible for his problems.

For example, upon being transferred from the lucrative Trade docket to the Public Service Ministry, CS Kuria released a veiled statement accusing Gachagua of being the reason behind his removal from the high-ranking position.

Another incident that brought attention to the disagreement between the two was when CS Kuria disregarded Kenyans who were protesting about the exorbitant cost of fuel.

Kenyans displeased with the high cost of fuel were advised by CS Kuria to drill their own wells rather than voicing their complaints all the time.

In an attempt to emphasize that the prices were out of the government’s control, he further forewarned Kenyans that fuel prices would rise by Ksh10 per month until February 2024.

But Gachagua, who had just returned to Kenya by plane, forewarned Kuria and David Ndii, the chair of the Council of Economic Advisors, about their comments, advising them to desist from their patronizing tone and to stop talking down to Kenyans.

Similarly, on September 26, Gachagua and Kuria met behind closed doors at the DP’s Karen home in an attempt to diffuse their disagreement.

Gachagua shared pictures he took with Kuria as a sign of unity. He did not, however, reveal the subject of their conversation.

He made it clear that the government was eager to use ongoing communication with Kenyans to address their issues.

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