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MP Babu Owino asserts that an Italian tycoon owns Njiru land.

An Italian tycoon has been flown to Kenya by Embakasi East MP Babu Owino, who claims to be the original owner of the disputed multi-billion dollar land in Njiru, Nairobi County.

In a case that lasted more than ten years, the Environment and Lands Court recently gave the family of the late billionaire Gerishon Kirima 2,200 acres in Njiru, Embakasi East Constituency.

After the ruling, the 300 Kenyans claiming the land were given until December 31, 2023, to leave the area.

Owino claimed that the disputed land belonged to the late Dominica Demasi, who bought it from Suklal Madorum while speaking in a video.

By claiming that Bernardo Vincenso Demasi was the legitimate heir to the land, Owino clarified that he had flown Demasi’s son to Kenya using his resources.

He mentioned that the Italian tycoon had purchased the land in 1966 and that he had papers in his possession that proved ownership.

The lawmaker continued by saying he would represent the more than 300 Kenyans in court, adding that the Kirima family would need to present the original ownership documentation.

A copy of the ID card of the individual who sold the family the land, passport-sized pictures, certificates of rent and rate clearance, transfer paperwork, and evidence of payment were among them.

Owino clarified that the 300 Kenyan claimants were unable to support their claims because they did not have ownership documentation, which is why the High Court ruled in favor of the Kirima family.

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