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MPs suggest the creation of a new holiday for this purpose

The idea of declaring the Annual Prayer Breakfast Day a public holiday was put forth by the Departmental Committee on Administration and National Security of the National Assembly.

This was disclosed by President William Ruto in a report to Parliament that described the actions taken and the advancements made toward the realization of the country’s values and guiding principles of governance.

Interestingly, the committee is suggesting that January be the month when the holiday is observed.

Ruto noted in his report that the proposal originated from a private citizen’s petition that was presented to the committee.

“The committee considered a petition regarding the inclusion of National Prayer Day as a public holiday and recommended the amendment of Part 1 of the Schedule to the Public Holidays Act (Cap 110, Laws of Kenya) to include the Annual Prayer Breakfast Day as a public holiday and that the holiday be observed on a Saturday within the month of January,” according to a portion of the report.

The private citizen who spearheaded the change argued in his petition that although Kenyans take pride in the annual event, they have not felt involved, so something needs to change.

The President, Deputy President, and leaders of the opposition are typically invited to the function, which is organized by Parliament.

According to the petitioner, these kinds of gatherings could improve national unity and unite Kenyans from all backgrounds.

Additionally, he contended that the day would be ideal for Kenyans in general to ask God for guidance on issues that impact the nation.

“His Excellency Daniel Arap Moi called for national prayer for rain at Uhuru Park in 1997, and when people prayed, it rained. This is just one example of the many victories that can be attained when a nation prays together, as documented in Kenyan history.”

“The petitioner also added that in the Holy Book, every time people prayed and repented, God restored and healed their land,” according to the committee.

The Prayer Day holiday will become the first religious holiday observed by all Kenyans if the Act is changed in Parliament.

According to their own religious calendars and tenets, various communities celebrate different religious holidays.

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