Mudavadi’s daughter Maryanne weds long-term boyfriend lawyer Nyaga Karanja


Maryanne Mudavadi, the daughter of well-known Kenyan politician Musalia Mudavadi, sealed her vows to lawyer Nyaga Karanja in an extravagant white wedding ceremony, almost two months after their traditional marriage. It was a joyous celebration of love.

The spectacular ceremony, which was attended by family and friends, captured the hearts of many, and pictures from it quickly went viral on social media.

politicians in attendance

On her special day, Maryanne Mudavadi exuded joy as she stood in front of the altar wearing a stunning white gown and a veil that elegantly concealed her face.

Beside her, the newlyweds received blessings and support from her proud parents, Musalia Mudavadi and his wife.

In attendance at the ceremony were close family and friends who were happy for the couple. It was a heartfelt union.

This historic event took place in front of a large, beautifully decorated church.

The venue was decked out in white and yellow flowers, which added to the peaceful, beautiful atmosphere.

Not only did the floral arrangements accentuate the grandeur of the church setting, but the sheer size of the space also served to highlight how important this moment in time was.

Several well-known guests, including prominent politicians like Salim Swale, Ndindi Nyoro, and Moses Kuria, attended the celebration.

The presence of such high-profile people demonstrated the encouragement and best wishes given to Maryanne and her spouse on their new journey.

Maryanne Mudavadi and her husband had already celebrated their love in a traditional Kuara Itara ceremony prior to the lavish white wedding.

The Kikuyu community’s customary practice represented a critical turning point in their marital journey.

The Kuara Itara ceremony was held in the Mt. Kenya region, lending the occasion its traditional significance and rich cultural heritage. It came after the Ruracio, which was the bride’s home-based dowry payment ceremony.

The ushers wore dresses in navy blue with golden buttons and stripes, and the groom looked dapper in a brown and cream suit that went well with his skin tone.

Maryanne Dating

The second chapter of Maryanne Mudavadi and her husband’s love story began with this white wedding.

Musalia Mudavadi’s ancestral home, Vihiga County, was the site of their first traditional wedding.

The couple’s deep cultural roots and customs, which they uphold as a married couple, were also reflected in the Vihiga ceremony.


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