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Muthama: government officials are fueling their cars with their own money

Johnson Muthama, a member of the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC), claimed that government programs are being funded by the money spent by civil servants.

In a Monday media statement, the former senator from Machakos went on to say that top commission and parliamentary officials were funding government cars out of their own pockets.

Specifically, he brought up the fact that since Uhuru’s retirement, the cost of building Bunge Towers—which will house offices for Members of Parliament—has doubled.

There were still unfinished Parliament buildings in Karen Estate that had been initiated by the Uhuru regime.

He therefore insisted that the previous government had to provide an explanation for the financial issues. Muthama claims that in order to handle the matter, President William Ruto’s allies must establish a commission of inquiry.

However, he pointed out that due to the nation’s financial circumstances, the Parliamentary Service Commission was forced to make budgetary cuts and added that it had not started any projects.

Uhuru responded by criticizing the current government for not keeping its pledges to Kenyans. The outgoing president claimed that he was being used as a scapegoat by the current administration for their own professional failures.

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