Nairobi Governor Addresses Concerns Over Uhuru Park Entry Fees

Sakaja reveals new requirement to enter Uhuru Park

The governor of Nairobi, Jonson Sakaja, has denied rumors that his administration intends to charge admission to the remodeled Uhuru Park.

In response to questions from Kenyans on Thursday, the governor affirmed that, as promised, free admission to the location will be available in 2022.

The governor was reacting to complaints from Kenyans who bemoaned the alleged fees, claiming that the public would not be treated fairly since they had previously been allowed free entry to the park.

The public has not yet been allowed access to Uhuru Park while the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) finish construction.

On September 27, 2022, Sakaja announced that admission to Uhuru and Central Parks would be free for everyone. There should be no entrance fees to Uhuru Park.

He clarified that the directives issued on October 25 did not constitute a ban, but rather an agreement on the hawkers’ operations, with regard to the prohibition on them operating in the CBD.

Sakaja claims that it was decided that the hawkers would only be present in specific areas and during specific hours of the day.

Parts of Tom Mboya Street to Moi Avenue are among the locations where hawkers are not permitted to operate during the workdays.

Due to the influence of business in the city, there has been disagreement over whether the ban would be effective, which has sparked debate.


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