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Name of student captured on camera assaulting a medic at Hospital disclosed

Following an incident involving one of its students, Vanessa Ogema, who allegedly disrupted and harassed medical workers at Port Victoria Hospital in Busia County, Nairobi Women’s Hospital College (NWHC) is under investigation.

After Susan Nakhumicha, the cabinet secretary for health, condemned assaults on healthcare personnel in a news release, the situation became more heated.

CS Nakhumicha vehemently denounced the attack in the paper dated January 4 and underlined that those who commit such crimes will be subject to the full weight of the law.

The Cabinet Secretary emphasized that violence directed at healthcare professionals is not just abhorrent but also unacceptable.

She noted that despite working really hard in difficult circumstances, healthcare personnel remain the backbone of the healthcare system.

Not only was the attack on the healthcare worker considered an attack on a person, but it was also seen as an attack on the ideas that underpin the whole healthcare system.

Nakhumicha praised the healthcare provider for her outstanding professionalism and poise during the event.

She commended the commitment of frontline heroes who work in difficult circumstances and asked Kenyans to treat healthcare professionals with respect.

The CS cited a newly released survey that found that around half of Kenyan healthcare professionals reported suffering violence, with verbal and emotional abuse being the most prevalent kind.

The most frequent aggressors were found to be either patients or their families.

The Nairobi Women’s Hospital College has started looking into the behavior of the woman shown on camera.

“We vehemently denounce Ms. Vanessa’s despicable behavior. The norms and ideals that NWHC upholds are not in line with these acts. As a company, we are dedicated to producing professionals that are responsible and empathetic.

“To address this matter, we have initiated an internal investigation to gather all relevant information and will institute appropriate measures in line with our institution’s policies and procedures,” the statement stated.

In the video, the lady hurls obscenities and things from a nurse’s station, causing havoc. As the health professional reminds her of her rights, she goes on to inform an unidentified individual that she asked to be treated.

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