Student leaders announce nationwide protests

Nationwide protests to be held on Friday

On Thursday, a coalition of student leaders declared that they will stage nationwide protests over the exorbitant cost of living at all institutions.

Following a meeting with leaders of Azimio, including Raila Odinga, the leader of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party, the student leaders declared that they will carry out the Friday protests as scheduled.

They also urged the lawmakers to join the protests, noting that the opposition had retreated from their role as leaders.

The student leaders publicly criticized the current university finance arrangement and announced their plan to hold rallies against it.

Under the plan released by Education Secretary Ezekiel Machogu two months after President William Ruto made the announcement in May 2023, the government unveiled the Higher Education Financing (HEF) Portal, which will give money directly to students.

Students at universities asked that the government keep the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) and demanded that the model be reviewed.

Delays in school security and capitation were also mentioned.

One of the opposition figures who backed the plans for Friday’s demonstrations was Babu Owino, the Member of Parliament for Embakasi East.

Babu Owino claimed that a large number of students had not yet enrolled in universities as a result of difficulties with the new funding scheme, which he described as unfair and unjust.

In addition to discussing the cost of living, former prime minister Raila Odinga charged that the administration was disregarding his advise.

Whether the student leaders had secured police permission to conduct the protests was still up in the air.


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