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NEMA Ranks Churches as Biggest Noise Polluters in the Country

The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) has identified religious organizations, such as churches and mosques, as the country’s major contributors of noise pollution.

According to the NEMA notification, religious institutions account for 60% of all noise pollution in the country.

The EPA listed the percentage of other significant large sources of noise pollution, such as clubs, parties, and gatherings, at 40% in its study.

NEMA highlighted in the statement that the complaints from religious organizations stem from the installation of speakers outside their premises and the continuous performance of music throughout the day, as well as night vigils, prayers, sermons, and call to prayer where loudspeakers are employed.

The Authority also recommended religious institutions to practice reasonable noise management.

The authority stated that religious organizations can reduce noise while simultaneously preserving the spiritual and cultural relevance of religious acts.

Furthermore, NEMA reaffirmed its commitment to educating the public about environmental issues in order to protect the health and safety of all Kenyans.

Nairobi Governor Jonson Sakaja stated earlier this year that he was concerned about noise pollution from churches in the city.

Sakaja also stated his intention to tighten down on raucous pubs and clubs that cause problems for city people.

Kenyans have frequently expressed their concerns about noise pollution caused by these outlets, urging authorities to take immediate action.

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