New Development as Brian Mwenda Alleges to Work for US Global Law Firms


On Tuesday, Brian Mwenda asserted that he is employed by global legal firms, one of which is located in the US.

Mwenda said that he is employed by the five multinational law firms as a legal consultant in an interview with Radio Jambo.

Mwenda revealed that three of the law companies are situated in Africa, namely Tanzania, Ghana, and Nigeria, while one is based in Europe. This information is in addition to the US.

He did not, however, provide the precise names of the legal practices he was advising.He mentioned that as a consultant, part of his job included representing clients in court and handling legal matters.

When questioned about his educational background, he said he would handle the issue after the Directorate of Criminal Investigations finished its inquiry and the court made a ruling.

However, he insisted that he will get into politics in the future and run in the 2027 general election for an elective seat.

He continued by saying that politicians, like as former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and other public servants, were lending him support.

Mwenda is being prosecuted for document falsification and identity theft.

In front of Nairobi Chief Magistrate Lukas Onyina, he entered a not guilty plea and was set free on Ksh200,000 cash bail.

On November 7, the matter will be considered.


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