New entry fees for heritage sites and museums by the government

new entry fees for museums

A 100% increase in entry fees to all museums and national heritage sites has been suggested by the government through the National Museums of Kenya (NMK).

The entry fees that Kenyans and foreigners were required to pay, which were last updated in 2013, were causing NMK to lose vital revenue.

NMK said that it would examine the prices from the previous ten years through the proposed National Museums and Heritage (Admission Fees) Regulations, 2023, over the course of three years.

Kenyans will now pay an entry fee of Ksh400, instead of Ksh200, for the Nairobi National Museum.

After a 100% rise, visitors from East Africa will now pay Ksh1200 instead of Ksh600 to visit Fort Jesus in Mombasa, while non-residents would have to pay Ksh2400.

The depreciation of the shilling in relation to the dollar is one of the stated reasons for the 100% rise in entry costs.

NMK listed revenue instability and newly formed government policies as additional causes of the increase.

According to NMK, the administration of President William Ruto has been pushing for state corporations to work toward self-sustainability, which calls for increased income collection.

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