New Information About the Detective Who Shot Himself Dead at DCI Headquarters

DCI summons 30 people over portland saga
DCI summons 30 people over portland saga

Corporal Linus Mutunga, a 59-year-old investigator working for the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), committed suicide on Wednesday by shooting himself in the head at the agency’s offices on Kiambu Road, according to new information.

The officer, a driver employed by the DCI operations division, was reportedly planning to retire at the end of the year.

After reporting for duty in the morning, the officer is alleged to have left the office and walked amiably to the parking lot without displaying any signs of anxiety.

At the DCI headquarters’ carwash by the forensic lab gate, the officer parked his vehicle.

Before shooting himself in the head, he locked the vehicle.

The sound of a gunshot at the Operations Section aroused individuals near and around the DCI headquarters.

They arrived on the scene quickly and discovered Mutunga’s dead body inside the vehicle.

He didn’t leave any notes behind, and he didn’t tell anyone about the reasons he took his own life.

The cops have started their inquiries even if the motive is still unknown.

DCI investigators are attempting to determine whether his work with the Operations Section contributed to his demise.


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