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Nyakach Technical and Vocational college courses, admission, fees  

Nyakach Technical and Vocational College is a Kenyan Vocational Education and Training Authority-accredited public TVET institution (TVETA). 

Nyakach TVET, a CDF-funded project, officially began operations in May 2019. Although it is not as old as other TVET institutions, NTVC is well-equipped with modern infrastructure to provide its students with a competitive advantage in the job market.

Nyakach TTI provides diploma, certificate, and artisan levels of education in business and social sciences, as well as technical courses.

Nyakach Technical and Vocational college courses 

TVET college courses are provided by various departments, the largest of which is the engineering department. 

To meet the diverse qualifications of the applicants, all departments offer diploma to artisan courses.

1. Information Communication Technologies department 

In a world where everything is becoming more technological, Nyakach TTI is committed to keeping its students sharp by providing diploma and certificate courses in Information Communication Technology. 

Depending on the programme, the modules may take 2-6 months to complete, and the examining body is KNEC. The department’s direct email address is

2. Building and Civil Engineering department 

This department offers hands-on skills in building and construction works.

 The building technology courses include some computer-aided design skills, while the artisan bit is mainly practical. 

  • The courses offered are as follows; 
  • Diploma and craft certificate in Building Technology 
  • Diploma in Civil Engineering
  •  Artisan certificates in Plumbing, Masonry, and
  •  Carpentry and Joinery Short courses in AutoCAD and ArchiCAD 

The courses range from 6 months to 3 years and are examined by KNEC. You may email the department at 

3. Mechanical Engineering department

This is a branch of engineering that deals with design, production, and machinery operation. It is intensive in both class and practicals, and students can choose to study all aspects or focus on one core option.

Mechanical engineering courses are available at NyakachTTI.

  • Diploma, craft certificate, and certificate in Mechanical Engineering (Production option)
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Plant option)
  • Diploma and craft certificate in Automotive Engineering
  • Certificate in Welding and Fabrication
  • Artisan Certificate in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Craft certificate in Welding and Fabrication

KNEC evaluates programmes that last up to three years. You can reach the department directly via email at

Automotive engineering, in particular, provides an introduction to vehicle engineering and provides knowledge and skills for the manufacture, design, and operation of automobiles ranging from buses and trucks to cars and motorcycles. Depending on the programme, the course could last anywhere from four weeks to three terms.

In this case, KNEC is the examining body, and the Kenya Traffic Department must also examine and certify

4. Electrical Engineering department 

This department exposes students to a mix of textbook and lab work, which sharpens their skills in the field and prepares them for real-world situations in the job market.

Under this department, Nyakach TVET college offers diploma, certificate, and artisan courses in Electrical Engineering. These courses can last up to three terms, depending on the level, and are also graded by KNEC.

5. Liberal Studies department

This department focuses on practical courses that involve community service, and the Community Development and Social Work programmes are available at the diploma and craft levels. 

The certificate level takes one and a half years to complete, and the diploma level takes three years, both of which are examined by KNEC.

6. Business department

The Nyakach College business department teaches knowledge and skills relevant to all aspects of business, including marketing, procurement, supply chain management, human resources, and even actual business management. In the business department, there are no craft levels.

Diploma and certificate courses are available in:

  1. Business Management
  2. Human Resource Management
  3. Sales and Marketing
  4. Supply Chain Management

The duration of the business courses ranges from one and a half years to three years, with a mandatory industrial attachment. 

The examining body is the KNEC. 

7. Agricultural Engineering department

This department provides practical knowledge-based studies in agriculture and other general subjects.

NTVC offers certificate and diploma courses in General Agriculture on this topic. Depending on the programme, you should be able to complete the course in 2-3 years and then be examined by KNEC.

Nyakach Technical and Vocational college admission requirements

To be eligible for any course at Nyakach Technical Training Institute, you must first meet the following requirements:

1. Be a Kenyan citizen and have either an Identification card or a birth certificate to prove this.

2. You must have completed your KSCE and received your certificate.

3. Have scored the required minimum grade as per the programme you are applying for. You need

a mean grade of

  • C– (minus) and above for diploma courses.
  • D (plain) and above for craft certificate courses
  • D ­ (minus) and below for artisan certificate courses

The application procedure

After confirming that you qualify for a course at Nyakach Technical Training Institute, the second step is to apply to the TVET college. There are two ways to apply to Nyakach TTI;

1. Physically collect the application letter from the institution’s admission office.

2. Apply through the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS).

Log into 

Click on the apply now tab and choose your preferred programme.

Once a course is successfully selected, the website automatically redirects you to the student portal for KUCCPS. Click on the log­in prompt.

You will be prompted to enter your KCSE index number, year of completion, and password as previously selected. 

If successfully logged in, click on institutions. 

Scroll through the list of available TVET colleges and select Nyakach TTI. 

The screen displays Nyakach college and all the courses on offer for that academic year.

 Click on the course you want to apply.

 A 7­character code appears; note this down. Click on the revision tab. 

Click on Apply now; it prompts you for the 7­character code you wrote down.

Enter the code and submit your application

Finally, make the necessary application payments through your mode of choice from the provided list.

A successful KUCCPS online application must include the programme code, name/duration, and institution name.

 If you are accepted, you will receive an admission letter via the portal, which you will download and use to gain admission to the institution.

Nyakach college fees structure 

The fee structure varies depending on the academic year and programme selected. Tuition, course material fees, examination fees, accommodation fees, library fees, and caution fees are generally covered by the institution’s fees.

Other additional fees may apply to different programmes. The KUCCPS admission letter contains information on the fee structure and payment. They can be obtained through the Nyakach Technical Training Institute address or from the admissions office.

Physical location and contacts

Nyakach TTI is located in Kisumu county, Nyakach sub-county, Kabienge village, Kadiangá west sub-location, next to Ogoro police station.

 The physical Nyakach Technical Training Institute address is; P.O. Box 159-40109, Sondu Email: or 

Tel: 0797 142 166/ 0762 706 351 



Nyakach Technical and Vocational college courses, admission, fees  

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