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ODM governor proposes Ruto serve for 14 years, supports presidential term extended

Despite pushing for President William Ruto to hold office for 14 years, Turkana Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai has openly backed the extension of the presidential term to seven years.

Ruto’s service delivery delighted Lomorukai, an opposition lawmaker elected under the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), who on Thursday encouraged the nation to give him more time to ensure his legacy.

The newly elected governor added that he was eager to succeed Ruto as president after his retirement.

Lomorukai left ODM for the ruling United Democratic Alliance (UDA), which is a member of the Kenya Kwanza Alliance, to demonstrate his appreciation for Ruto.

The governor claimed that he changed sides despite threats from authorities he would not name.

The resistance, he added, was fierce, which is why he decided to run for president in the upcoming general election and pledged to get at least 80% of the votes from his region.

In the most recent election, opposition leader Raila Odinga received 95,620 votes, defeating Ruto, who only received 46,510 votes despite Josphat Nanok, a former governor, supporting the latter.

Lomorukai’s successor, Nanok, charged Raila with organizing widespread protests and being anti-development. He was given a position in Ruto’s administration as State House Deputy Chief of Staff as a reward.

Lomurkai joined the uproar caused by Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei’s proposal to extend Ruto’s tenure in the meantime.

In his submission, Cherargei stated that increasing the term limit would allow the president enough time to carry out their platform.

The concept, however, was not well received by his UDA party members. President Ruto, according to Secretary-General Cleophas Malala, was resolute in his defense of the Constitution and more intent on delivering his agenda.

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