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Omtatah moves to court to stop a Ksh540 billion nuclear project in Kilifi

On behalf of the people of Kilifi South’s Uyombo Village, Senator Okiya Omtatah of Busia presented a petition on Wednesday opposing a Ksh540 billion nuclear reactor proposal.

The locals expressed concerns about how the nuclear reactor may affect their lives, namely how it might jeopardize their right to health, life, and a clean environment.

The Senator claims that insufficient rationale was provided by the Nuclear Power and Energy Agency (NUPEA) for the establishment of Kenya’s first nuclear reactor in Uyombo village.

In order to increase the nation’s energy capacity, the petition asked NUPEA and other stakeholders to find other locations for the project.

Kilifi South Constituency residents also want to know the formula that was utilized to determine that Uyombo was the ideal location for the project.

The locals also want the NUPEA officials who suggested Uyombo village as a viable location for a nuclear reactor to face legal action.

The locals contend that in order to ascertain whether taxpayer funds were misappropriated during the feasibility study, the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) had to act quickly.

Omtatah expressed sadness while submitting the petition that Uyombo locals were not receiving title deeds in anticipation of having their land taken back for the project.

Police broke up a gathering in September where the community was being informed about the environmental effects of the nuclear reactor.

The residents interpreted the disruption of the meeting, which was organized by the Centre for Justice, Governance and Environment Action, as a menacing action by the government.

Kenya declared in August 2020 that private investors would provide the cash for the multibillion-dollar project.

At the time, NUPEA declared that the nuclear reactor was a long-term strategy to reduce fuel costs caused by hydroelectric dams’ declining water levels.

Furthermore, nuclear power is thought to be a practical means of reducing carbon emissions from the electricity generation industry.

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