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Over 400 Stolen Phones recovered by DCI Detectives in Nyeri

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) reported on Saturday that 417 stolen cell phones had been found in Nyeri County.

The agency also disclosed in a statement that it had taken into custody a 32-year-old man who was suspected of stealing the cell phones.

The middle-aged man was taken into custody after detectives conducted an impromptu raid into his electronics shop, where several items had been hidden, according to the agency’s statement.

The agency added that the two men’s interrogation after being apprehended by Nyeri-based detectives for stealing cell phones from customers in Gatitu, Nyeri, was immediately followed by their recovery and arrest.

Officers also found a printer, 47 SIM cards, two TV sets, three laptops, and two cameras during the raid.

The three will be detained by the police for the weekend, according to DCI, and charged when they are arraigned in court on Monday.

The incident occurred just one week after detectives raided several Eldoret stores on October 24 in an operation that resulted in the recovery of various electronic items.

Eldoret Township’s Petresha Building is home to an electronics store where 56 cell phones, 45 TVs, and 41 laptops were found.

The items were recovered after raids on several electronic repair shops that were thought to be selling stolen goods.

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