Parents invade Eregi Girls after 50 students hospitalised with peculiar disease

eregi girls high school
eregi girls high school

In Eregi girls, a group of parents invaded the principal’s office and demanded to know what was happening with their kids.

With regard to the illness that has afflicted more than 50 girls, the school has not yet released any formal statements.

On Monday, more than 50 pupils from St. Theresa Eregi Girls High School were brought to several hospitals in Kakamega due to an unidentified illness.

Thirty pupils have been admitted to Kakamega Level Five Hospitals, twenty to Shibwe Level Four Hospital, and twelve to Iguhu Level Four Hospital, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

Even though they have no discomfort, some of the students who spoke claimed that their weak joints prevent them from standing.

The number of kids affected is probably going to increase as more students are reportedly being taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

The students had increased electrolytes, which indicates that they had lost fluids, according to preliminary laboratory testing, a doctor at Ihugu Hospital said.

Electrolytes are necessary for basic bodily functions, such as producing and conducting action potentials in the muscles and neurons and preserving electrical neutrality in human body cells.

Electrolyte loss can occur via sweating and prolonged or severe diarrhoea.

More pupils were being brought in, according to a nurse at the Kakamega General Hospital, but no laboratory testing had been completed.

Officers from KEMRI are also anticipated to visit the school on Tuesday morning to evaluate the situation.

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