Police Arrested After Shooting A Minor While Dispersing Crowd

file of a police officer arrested

A 15-year-old child was accidentally shot by a policeman in Ngong.

In Ngong Town, Kajiado County, a police officer was taken into custody after he shot and gravely injured a 15-year-old kid while attempting to disperse a crowd lynching a suspect.

According to authorities, the youngster was shot in the abdomen by a bullet fired by the officer’s gun when he was attempting to stop a mob from lynching a suspect.

Witnesses claimed that a mob had trapped and chased a suspect, accusing him of trying to commit murder.

The suspect suffered three stab wounds after getting into a confrontation with another man in the town’s Mathare neighborhood.

When he attempted to leave the area, a mob attacked him with sticks and stones.

At that moment, the patrolling cop moved to help him and fired one round from his AK-47 weapon.

The child was floored by the bullet, according to a witness, as the crowd scattered.

At that point, the youngster, the suspect, and the victim of the stabbing were all picked up and taken to the hospital.

After receiving treatment, the suspect was released from Ngong Sub County Hospital, and Kenyatta National Hospital was recommended for the youngster and the initial victim.

The victims’ conditions, according to officials, were serious but stable.

At that point, the police constable was taken into custody and disarmed.

Threats to hold a protest prompted police to announce that they intended to charge him in court for the shooting.

There are increasing efforts to curb the use of official weapons by state operatives for improper purposes.

In the meantime, the shooting of a guy in the Lowangila region is being looked into by Meru police.

When patrolling police heard a gunshot, they proceeded to investigate and discovered that a 20-year-old man named David Changi Ngala had been wounded on his left knee when opening his home’s door by an unidentified group carrying firearms.

Following an emergency, the sufferer was taken to the Isiolo County Referral Hospital and admitted in fair condition.

According to police, there was no known reason for the shooting, and no one was taken into custody.

The situation is being looked into. The police claim to have stepped up operations to halt the trend of livestock rustler attacks, which are common in the area.


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