Police in Migori recover bhang hidden between Omena in sacks


Migori County police in Suna West sub-county have detained one person and found Ksh1 million worth of marijuana concealed in fish bags.

Francis Nguli, the county police chief, confirmed the arrest while pointing out that the contraband was discovered stuffed between what are known as Omena, or local anchovies, and concealed in five sacks.

This came about after the suspect was ambushed by police acting on a tip while driving along the Migori-Rongo route. When the police searched the vehicle, they discovered the contraband and took the guy into custody.

Nguli also reaffirmed the officers’ dedication to combating drug usage and made a stronger plea to the public to work with law enforcement to combat the vice.

He also conveyed to narcotics dealers that their days of operating Probox vans are limited.

Nguli continued by saying that the 32-year-old suspect was frogmarched to the police station and is being held till he is arraigned in court.

The bhang was also placed under police custody and will be produced as an exhibit in court.

The most recent incident occurred just one day after Kajiado County police in Ongata Rongai found 26 packages of marijuana worth Ksh6 million inside a church.

According to a statement from the police, the suspects were taken into custody following a tip from locals in the area. The suspects were inside the church at the time and had just killed some goats.

Police reportedly found stolen items, including furniture and electronics, during the arrests.


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