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Police officer taken into custody for defiling a 17-year-old girl in a cell

After being connected to the defilement of a 17-year-old girl in a cell at Rangwe police station, a male police officer was taken into custody.

The girl reported the incident, and the officer was taken into custody on Sunday.

According to a police report, the suspect committed a sexual offense at the station by taking advantage of the darkness.

Because she was going to testify against her father, who was also accused of defiling her at their home, the girl was placed under police protection.

With no protection unit at the Rangwe police station, the girl was placed in a female cell for the night.

The police allegedly defiled the girl by breaking into the cell covertly. When the officer broke into the girl’s cell, there was no electricity.

Samson Kinne, the commander of Homa Bay police, stated that they are kin on the medical examination report to determine whether or not there was penetration.

The young lady has been brought to Rangwe Hospital to undergo a medication assessment.

The matter was reported to senior police officers and booked right away.

“We have the suspect in custody so we can question him further. Since the girl was scheduled to testify in court, Kinne stated that she was being protected to prevent any potential compromise.

The Directorate of Public Prosecution will be presented with the investigation file for additional guidance.

He said, “The suspect was apprehended and placed under custody after he was discovered strolling around Rangwe town.”

Homa Bay Children’s officer Joseph Otieno discussed the situation on Monday, stating that they received a report alleging the minor was defiled by the officer.

Around 10 p.m., a female officer who was working with the suspect that evening is said to have visited the cell, but she was not informed of the defilement incident right away.

Later, the girl told the female officer about the experience. Otieno stated that the suspect would be charged in court.

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