Police raid church in rongai selling bhang to congregants


During a raid at a church in Ongata Rongai, Kajiado County, police officers found approximately 26 sacks filled with bhang valued at Ksh6 million.

A lead investigator who addressed the media on Tuesday claimed that the police carried out the operation after receiving a tip from a member of the public who was worried.

Police tracked down the marijuana that was hidden in various locations throughout the chapel and detained a number of individuals. As of the time this article was published, the number of suspects who had been taken into custody was still unknown.

Police also thought that the attendees were drug addicts passing for the flock.

Additionally, the church was charged with selling technology and furnishings that had been pilfered. It was stated that the suspects who were apprehended at the scene had been caught butchering a goat as a way to commemorate a well-planned nighttime raid on homes and private property.

The bhang was recorded by the police as an exhibit that will be shown in court when the suspects are arraigned. Along with asking the court to deny the suspect’s bail, detectives will also request instructions on how to destroy the illegal substances.

In a related instance, authorities are still looking for the occupants of a black Land Cruiser Prado TX that was discovered in Kajiado ferrying marijuana valued at Ksh9.5 million.

The Prado ran erratically and ended up in a ditch at the Kaloleni-Mavueni Road, according to a statement released by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).


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