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Police to continue holding suspect in the Kisii triple murder

In order to give police time to finish their investigation, Alex Ayata Migosi, a 27-year-old Kisii man, who is suspected of killing his elder brother’s wife and their two children, will be held in custody for ten days.

Resident Magistrate Catherine Rono arraigned Ayata today at the Kisii Law Courts; she declined to enter a plea.

The suspect needed time for a psychological examination, Prosecutor Job Okello informed the court.

Additionally, he contended that the man’s release would not be in the best interests of the community because it would put his life in jeopardy.

The defendant will be held at the Rioma police station for ten days in order to allow for additional investigation, as the judge granted the prosecutor’s request.

At Nyabuogi village in Kitutu Chache North Constituency, he is accused of killing his sister-in-law Edna Nyairo, 22, and her two children, Quinter Kemunto, 4, and Mark Dismas, 3.

Following the act, the man fled into hiding until that fateful day at Rioma Police Station, around 8 p.m.

Benjollife Munuve, the commander of Marani sub-county police, informed the media that the man had admitted to carrying out the killings.

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