President Ruto says government will lease idle land to private investors

ruto william

Kenya, September 28 – According to President William Ruto, the government is in the process of leasing out to private investors any vacant land held by governmental organizations.

The goal of this action, according to the head of state, is to increase the amount of land available for agricultural use in order to increase the nation’s land production.

According to the president of state, the program under the Land Commercialization plan will increase food production in the nation.

Speaking at the opening of the Nairobi International Trade Fair in Nairobi’s Jamhuri, President Ruto bemoaned the difficulties in subsidizing consumption in the wake of ballooning debt ceilings and added that the nation needed to increase agricultural production and decrease imports.

He added that by strategically investing in key value chains, the intervention will have far-reaching impacts in ensuring that the cost of living is kept under control.


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