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‘Prove to Kenyans that oil deal was a scam,’ Ruto tells Raila

Azimio has been tasked by President William Ruto to produce proof that the oil deal between the government and the government was a fraud.

Speaking on Sunday during a sermon at a church in Bomet, Ruto stated that his government is transparent and that the oil deal between Kenya, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates was legal.

This comes after Raila Odinga, the leader of Azimio, referred to the agreement as a scam this week and demanded that the government release the contracts that the parties had signed.

However, Ruto has insisted that the oil deal was the greatest and most ethical, pointing out that Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda are currently vying with Kenya for the same deal.

He urged Raila to desist from spreading false information, pointing out that even the oil marketers had acknowledged that the actions taken were in the best interests of Kenya, each and every citizen, and all parties involved.

Ruto declared that the contracts were open to the public and urged the opposition wing lawmakers to review the records and question the parties if needed.

‘All of those contracts are available in Parliament; I am leading an open government. There is no such thing as a secret contract anywhere; stop claiming you want the contracts.’ Ruto said.

“Members of Parliament, representing both the government and the opposition, are available for inspection. By conducting interviews and reviewing the contracts, they will be able to ascertain that the administration is operating ethically and with the best interests of the Kenyan republic in mind.”

Raila criticized the Government to Government (G to G) oil agreement that Kenya, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates signed to supply Kenya with oil on favorable terms on Thursday.

Noting that the price of oil has not decreased since the agreement was signed, Raila claimed the agreement had failed to address the intended problems.

“Well, the deal turned out to be a scam, and we now demand complete accountability and disclosure for it. It is fundamentally corrupt and rotten, according to Raila.

In March of this year, the shilling fell to record lows, prompting President Ruto’s government to choose government-to-government oil supply contracts.

However, Raila expressed concern that landlocked nations that rely on Kenya for their oil are instead giving up on the pipeline because it has grown too costly.

The leader of the opposition claims that the agreement is buried in secrecy, with only two documents released to the public so far.

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