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Report: employment dominated by Kalenjins, Kikuyus, Luhyas

Only 10 tribes, led by the Kalenjin, Kikuyu, Luhya, and Luos, account for over 80% of employment in all 47 counties; 29 tribes make up just 1% of the workforce hired by county governments.

Only 13 out of 47 counties have complied with the national recruitment policy, according to a damning audit report on the diversity of county public service released by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC). The number of counties embracing ethnic diversification in job enrollment has decreased to 13 this year from 21 in 2016.

According to the 200-page report, there are 184,876 workers in the counties, with 53% of them being female.

There are 2,089 disabled workers in the counties, or 1.14% of the workforce overall.

Nairobi County employs 13,513 people, or 7.37% of all county workers, and has the largest wage bill—roughly Ksh. 1.2 billion.

With an 80% recruitment margin, the top 10 tribes that control job opportunities across all 47 counties are the Kalenjin, Kikuyu, Luhya, and Luo. In the devolved units, only 1% of job recruits are from 29 tribes.

The lead is 15.83% for Kalenjins and 15.77% for Kikuyus. With employment rates of 11.6% and 9.81%, respectively, the Luhya and Luo ethnic groups are ranked third and fourth, respectively.

With 33.41% of job enrolments in the devolved unit being accounted for by the dominant tribe, the Borana, Marsabit County leads the list of compliant counties.

The dominant tribes in Lamu and Tana River Counties, which rank second and third on the log, respectively, comprise 33.92 and 37.72 percent of the population.

The most compliant county with the dominant tribe, the Kalenjin, is Bomet County. accounting for 97% of employee employment. 3,268 of its 3,357 total employees are Kalenjins, with Kisiis coming in a distant second with just 26.

Nairobi County, which has 38 ethnic communities and has been named the most diverse county since 2016, tops the list of counties with the greatest workplace diversity.

West Pokot County has a negative 42.35% decline in diversity, making it the worst regressed county.

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