Ruai OCS arrested by EACC trying to free 3 prisoners

Dead Mandera Police Officer Discovered in Station Compound

Ruai OCS Duncan Otieng was detained by Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) officers on Saturday night for accepting bribes to facilitate the release of four prisoners.

The OCS was duped into collecting the money, and as a result, he fell into the hands of the anti-corruption authority, according to a statement released by EACC.

To help the revelers who had been arrested earlier for being intoxicated and unruly, Otieng had begged to be given Ksh 3,000.

Police claim that the OCS was apprehended before he could assist with the release of the detainees.

Despite their past attempts to elude justice, the four inmates would now confront the rule of law, the EACC assured the public.

The OCS, who was brought to the EACC headquarters in Nairobi, is also expected to be charged with bribery extortion.

The OCS was being held while the anti-corruption authority carried out additional investigations, according to the EACC, which did not provide a schedule for when the officer would be charged in court.

Kenyan law states that the officers have 24 hours to bring their coworker before the court to enter a plea; after that, he will either be freed on monetary bail or detained in custody for additional inquiries.

Prior rumors, which the police did not corroborate, claimed that the officer had sought Ksh5,000 from the detainees.

With the assurance that he would help the revelers be released, it was stated that the OCS received Ksh25,000 in total.

If it is determined that the officer committed bribery, he might face a fine of up to Ksh5 million, a maximum sentence of 10 years in jail, or both.


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