Ruto lists the 13 most dangerous gangs terrorising Kenyans

Ruto answers Raila over alleged G-2-G oil scandal

Thirteen gangs that terrorized Kenyans in different parts of the nation between May 2022 and August 2023 have been listed by President William Ruto.

The Head of State named a number of criminal gangs, including the Kamagira gang in Kiambu and the Confirm gang in Nakuru, as some of the organizations responsible for the nation’s growing level of insecurity in the State of National Security Report that was presented to Parliament.

The top 13 gangs in the nation included the Mombasa-based gangs Wakali Wao and Panga Boys.

The list also contained the following gangs: Geta, 3 Phase, Peaceland, Mbogi la Islam, Kayole Jamaican (Nairobi), Dambel, 26 Sheba, and MRC (Mombasa).

Since politicians primarily used gangs to mobilize their support base, the report claims that gang activity peaked during the electioneering period.

But Ruto said that as the police moved to dismantle the organized crime units, a number of arrests had been made.

“During the period under review, a total of 1,113 suspect members of these gangs were arrested and arraigned in Court,” the report begins.

“The highest number of suspects arrested was from the Kamagira Gang which accounted for 587 arrests followed by Confirm which stood at 295 arrests.”

However, Ruto informed Parliament that young people made up the majority of gang members, a situation made worse by the nation’s growing unemployment rate.

As a result, the Head of State outlined the four areas on which his administration will concentrate in order to combat organized crime groups.

Programs for empowerment like the Hustler Fund were also mentioned as mitigating factors.


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