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Ruto returns Kenya Meat Commission Back to the Ministry of Defence

After placing the Kenya Meat Commission under the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development for several months, President William Ruto has now moved it back under the Ministry of Defense.

President Ruto returned the meat processing company under CS Aden Duale’s docket in his Executive Order No. 2 of 2023, which was made public on November 2.

In an effort to modernize the meat processor, retired President Uhuru Kenyatta first moved KMC to the Ministry of Defence in 2020, placing it under the command of the Kenyatta Force.

Kenyatta said at the time that KDF has the power to change the organization and is the largest user of KMC products.

But after taking office, President Ruto moved KMC to the Ministry of Agriculture while keeping KDF in his position as manager. Executive Order No.1 of 2023 acknowledged the decision.

Ruto returned KMC to the Ministry of Defense in his second executive order. The Ministry is also required to support the initiative for national food security.

With 70% of its resources now produced internally, KMC has reached a major milestone by strategically reducing its reliance on government funding since coming under the management of KDF.

The organization intends to increase its revenue streams in order to improve its financial sustainability.

This entails branching out into exports, opening franchise locations, and fostering alliances in the fast-paced hotel and tourism industries.

Despite its upward trend, KMC faces a number of obstacles that must be overcome in order to maintain its commercial viability.

The business suffers from the effects of outdated machinery and equipment, which have a detrimental effect on efficiency and productivity.

In addition, the availability of animals for processing has been hampered by the drought, and cash flow issues have resulted from government agencies’ late payments.

Land disputes and restrictions on international certification have also made it more difficult to explore unexplored export markets.

Kenya Meat Commission has enormous potential to strengthen Kenya’s economy as the most established and seasoned meat processor in both the country and the larger East African region.

The company is strategically concentrating on addressing these issues through focused investments, operational enhancements, and a dedication to producing high-quality products in order to take advantage of this potential.

This multipronged strategy seeks to increase KMC’s presence in both local and foreign markets in addition to achieving commercial viability.

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