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Screams as a five-month power outage cripples Migori businesses

Residents of Thim-Lich in Nyatike, Migori County, claim they have been without electricity for more than five months, and they are asking the government to assist them in obtaining it.

Led by Erick Odhiambo Omollo, the locals claimed that since the transformer that supplies them experienced mechanical issues a few months ago, several power poles in the area have collapsed.

According to Omollo, the likelihood of obtaining electricity in the near future is dwindling daily because the entire power line is failing due to a lack of maintenance over an extended period of time.

He claimed that despite their prolonged waiting, neither the malfunctioning transformer nor the replacement of the entire power line services had occurred.

Omollo said that because they have been in the dark for a longer period of time, they are pleading with the government to save them.

He claimed that many people operating businesses that depend on electricity had to close their doors as a result of the protracted power outage.

Omollo claimed that the power outage had forced him to quit his welding business and take up boda boda riding.

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