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Second mugumo tree falls in Meru in 2 weeks time sighting bad omen

In just two weeks, a second Mugumo tree fell in Meru County’s Kinoru area on Wednesday.

The Njuri Ncheke Council of Elders connected the current Meruan leadership disputes to the downfall of the Mugumo tree.

Speaking at the sacred mugumo tree’s cleaning ceremony, Josephat Murangiri, the secretary general of Njuri Ncheke, said that the tree doesn’t fall down for no reason and could be a sign of a change in the county’s leadership.

The mugumo tree served as a shrine for the people of Meru, where they worshipped their god, Murungu, and offered sacrifices.

They held that the tree belonged to God and that the spirit of God resides there.

Leading county officials in Meru County have been engaged in leadership disputes.

Following her impeachment by MCAs, Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza is scheduled to appear before the Senate plenary to determine her fate.

After just ten months, the governor will go on trial in the Senate for the second time.

She is accused of misappropriating and abusing county funds, as well as engaging in nepotism and other immoral behavior.

In addition, the governor is charged with unlawfully appointing people, usurping statutory authority, and intimidating, demonizing, and humiliating other leaders.

Since then, she has refuted all accusations of misconduct.

Njuri Ncheke Elder Anthony Kimathi stated in a speech on Saturday that the county has long been plagued by disputes.

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