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Senate seeks to pass law prohibiting Miraa transportation via probox

If new restrictions are approved by the Senate, Miraa traders will soon be prohibited from delivering the product via proboxes, motorcycles, and pick-ups.

To guarantee that farmers receive the most money possible from the product, the Ministry of Agriculture designed the crops (miraa) 2023 with the goal of streamlining the planting, managing, transportation, and exporting of the “Green Gold.”

The Ministry of Agriculture created laws aimed at strict treatment of the item to prevent harm and preserve its original quality.

In addition, produce that is not in compliance with food safety regulations will be seized, held, and destroyed at the offender’s expense. Additionally, produce that is presented as fake export or import documentation will be destroyed upon interception, and the company will be barred from selling exports for a year.

In addition to the regulations that the Senate will review, the Cabinet Secretary may impose a levy on Miraa produce or products by publishing a notice in the gazette. The levy will be charged at the rate of Sh2 for each kilogram of imported or exported miraa fruit.

The requirements also stipulate that waste materials must be kept out of any produce handling facility, including pack houses, stores, collection centers, working areas, and designated points.

This is despite the fact that should a new law be approved by the Senate, it will be illegal for anybody to establish a nursery, sell, or export the product without a current license from the county governments.

According to the regulations, in order to verify compliance with the miraa (khat) Industry – Code of Practice, miraa generated in the field holding facility shall periodically be randomly sampled, tested, and analyzed by the Authority in cooperation with the County Government and pertinent agencies.

Furthermore, unless a Miraa exporter possesses a valid export authorization granted by the Authority for Export Permits, he is not permitted to export Miraa or the issuance of Miraa goods.

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