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Senator wants Julius Malema visa revoked after he spoke ill of Ruto

Senator Samson Cherargei of Nandi has requested that South African politician Julius Malema’s visa be suspended by the Kenyan government due to his criticism of President William Ruto.

The head of the Ethiopian Freedom Party, who spent the last week attending a number of events in Kenya, attacked President William Ruto for his shift in position, his inability to follow through on campaign promises, and his departure from his pre-election position due to the high cost of living.

Speaking on Sunday at a church service in Nandi County, the MP asserted that the words made by the South African politician denigrated President Ruto.

Malema’s comments, in Cherargey’s opinion, were insulting to the President and the Republic of Kenya.

The senator expressed similar views a few days after Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua criticized the politician from South Africa for criticizing Ruto, raising doubts about the senator’s right to do so given that South Africa was going through comparable issues.

While in Kenya for the opening of the Pan African Institute at Lukenya University, Malema renounced his earlier remarks in which he urged Raila Odinga, the leader of Azimio, to accept the outcome of the 2022 election and back Ruto.

The outspoken head of the EFF expressed his dissatisfaction with President William Ruto’s lack of honoring his pledges.

Ruto’s desire for Pan-Africanism has been called into doubt by Malema, who pointed out that the president of state’s deeds don’t always match up with his words.

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