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Somali TV journalist killed in suicide bombing

After he was killed in a suicide explosion at a restaurant in the nation’s capital, Mogadishu, tributes have been paid to a well-known Somali TV journalist.

Colleagues praised Abdifatah Moalim Nur, also known as Qeys, for being remarkable and motivating.

According to a local media watchdog, he is the first journalist to be killed in Somalia this year.

Al-Shabab, a militant organization with ties to al-Qaeda, claimed responsibility for the suicide attack and killing of the Somali tv journalist at Blue Sky restaurant.

According to police, there were four further injuries outside the restaurant, which is close to the presidential palace.

Daud Aweis, the minister of information, denounced the brutal assault.

The director of privately owned Somali Cable Television, Nur, was brutally and senselessly murdered, according to the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ), which expressed its shock and shock at the event.

According to the Somali Journalists Syndicate (SJS), Nur, a fervent supporter of press freedom, had previously received threats.

A total of over 100 people were killed in two-vehicle explosions in Mogadishu in October of last year, including the journalist Mohamed Isse Hassan.

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Ahmed Mohamed Shukur, a correspondent for state-run Somali National Television, was killed by a landmine close to the city a month earlier.

Al-Shabab has been waging deadly offensives in Somalia in retaliation for a massive military operation that aims to expel the terrorists.

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