Suppliers want the governors removed due to unpaid bills.

governors removal bill

On Monday, the Association of Public Sector General Suppliers made plans to submit a proposal to change the legislation to allow governors and other county officials who fail to pay outstanding invoices owing to suppliers to be removed from office.

According to a statement from the group, the proposal will call for the expulsion of Governors, members of the County Executive Committee (CEC), and Chief Officers (COs) whose unpaid bills total 20% more than their allotted funds.

Its proposal was in line with a measure introduced by Kiambu Senator Karungo Thang’wa that sought to alter the process for ousting a governor, that official’s deputy, and other county authorities.

Before moving on to the next suitable stages, the Impeachment Bill, which has been forwarded for publication, is scheduled to be open to public comment.

Through the proposed law, Senator Thang’wa hopes to address what he terms the absence of a thorough framework for the elimination of the four categories of county state officers.

This is happening even as vendors complain more and more about unpaid outstanding debts.

County governments have accumulated a whopping Ksh 159.9 billion in unpaid invoices, according to a Cabinet dispatch from June 27.

The Cabinet decided to create a special committee to audit liabilities related to unpaid bills as a result of this bothersome issue.

Nairobi County, with a total outstanding balance of Ksh100.36 billion, had accrued the most unpaid invoices, according to the Controller of Budget, Dr. Margaret Nyakang’o.

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