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Survey Shows 90% of Schools Lack Sickbays

Survey Shows 90% of Schools Lack Sickbays

The Ministry of Health’s most recent survey reveals that only 10 out of every 100 schools have a sickbay, school clinic, or sanatorium.

The Kenya Adolescent Health Survey 2019/2020, which was released on Friday, found that 72 percent of responding schools had first aid supplies and 45 percent had drugstore facilities.

Only five percent of primary schools and eighteen percent of secondary schools responded to the survey as having a sick bay/sanatorium/school clinic.

Between December 2019 and January 2020, 380 schools in 44 counties of Kenya participated in the study.

The data collection equipment included digitally administered questionnaires using Survey CTO software.

Only 22 percent of sampled schools were equipped to handle children with chronic ailments, necessitating enhanced support for students with long-term health conditions, according to the report.

The survey revealed that only 3% of responding schools had a health facility within the school grounds, while 40% of schools had a healthcare facility more than 1 km away.

Nationally, 72% of sampled institutions had guidelines for establishing connections during health referrals.

88 percent of secondary schools and 63 percent of primary schools, 90 percent of boarding schools, 67 percent of day schools, and 83 percent of combined day and boarding schools had health referral linkages.

9 percent of the sampled day schools had a healthcare worker, while 60 percent of the sampled residential schools had a healthcare worker.

Only 1% of the sampled schools had a physician, 4% had a clinical officer, and 7% had either a nurse or a Community Health Volunteer providing health services.

Survey Shows 90% of Schools Lack Sickbays

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