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Teacher in Migori Arrested for Sodomizing Pupil 10 Times

A male teacher, around 27 years old, has been taken into custody by Migori County police on charges of sodomizing a 14-year-old boy at Suna Rabuor Location in Suna East sub-county.

According to area head Philip Kisiagro, the boy’s father was searching for him after he vanished from the family and discovered him at the teacher’s house.

When his father asked why he was limping, the student confessed that the teacher had sodomized him ten times.

According to Kisiagro, the hospital’s medical report proved that the youngster was hurt as a result.

According to the local chief, the teacher has been saying that the youngster has been helping him weed his farm, but their research has shown that this is only a cover-up meant to keep the boy’s parents and the public from becoming suspicious.

The instructor was detained at the school and sent to the Migori police station for more investigation and arraignment, Mr. Kisiagro stated.

He encouraged parents to use caution when dealing with rogue teachers, adding that such behavior would not be accepted.

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